Roberta Di Pann – bladder incontinence after surgery, facial paralysis, knee pain

“I came to the ship just 7 weeks from surgery at the Mayo Clinic. I have had long term issues as well as short term from surgery. Acupuncture has made significant progress in my bladder surgery for stress incontinence – How?

I was left with urge incontinence that was being cared for by physical therapy. Strengthening muscles is an important part, but acupuncture has stopped the urge to at least a 80-90% improvement.

My facial paralysis improved almost 100% – this was a 9-year problm I’ve had.

My knees – ongoing for the last 10-15 years,  improved with acupuncture always. Need to continue.

The doctor I would rate as one of the best, very knowledgeable, most importantly, very comprehensive with his service. I have had 3 experiences now with acupuncture. What a wonderful alternative medicine.”

10 April 2008

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