The vaccination season is here!

Autumn is almost here – vaccination season is upon us!
Be wise! Don’t let yourself be fooled by the “flu shot” propaganda. 100% to be avoided. It is one of the most useless vaccines – and one of the most harmful ones: it can cause severe side effects, including death (I’ve known a few cases).
The vaccine that I recommend you is here in this picture:
And I urge you not to underestimate its powers!… For you’d be terribly wrong.
The plants in the ALLIUM family support your immune system and give you ALLICIN – a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal substance. In an assimilable form, compatible with the human body, manufactured naturally, not on an assembly line in a chemical factory.
Therefore, now that the colder season begins, I recommend that you consume with confidence small amounts of white/red onion and garlic.
They’re just a small part of the Natural Immunization Program that I have perfected after 20 years of study and (personal and clinical) experience.
THey are among your best friends (or allies) in matters of immunity.
The bacteria and viruses (and the vampires!) will not be able to get close to you!
Dr. Adrian Petre – Holistic Medicine


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