The Miracle of Life

We are born pure, simple…

we’re born with an open mind, curious to explore and discover everything.


However, along the road, something happens…

We lose the innocence, the purity, the bliss of childhood… as we begin to measure and quantify everything that we come in contact with –

and our mind becomes trapped in rigid patterns and preconceptions… through which we think we’ve understood the world around us… we think we’ve understood ourselves and the ones around us.

But this is how we actually begin to die…

For the endless miracle of Life can only be understood if our mind renounces any limitations.

Infinity can only be understood by an infinite mind.

What if we looked at the world around… at ourselves… at the others… with different eyes, all over again?

As if we saw everything for the first time.

Could we make every day… every moment… a chance to become more alive?

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