What’s the difference between you and your car?

What’s the difference between a man and a machine in general? – be it mechanical or electronic or cybernetic.

The real difference between a living being and a mechanical or electronic machine is the capacity to REGENERATE – when it is injured, scratched, cut, hit, etc., the human being does not degrade irreversibly, it has the ability to regenerate the injured/destroyed structures…

As a very good metaphor, the character in the “X-Men” series and in the recent movie “Logan” –  The Wolverine – even if only a Sci-Fi movie, is a good example of the capacity of the human body to heal and regenerate, taken to the extreme. We love to see how the main character in the movies – Wolverine, or Superman, or others – regenerate, heals even if hurt by bullets or swords or other weapons… we’d love to be able to heal like this ourselves… but we forget… it’s so sad when we forget that each of us have this capacity, to a certain extent.

This capacity can go very far… but still, only to a certain extent, as much as the human species is currently allowed to – the body has its own limits, and when it begins to not be able to cope with the damage of tissues, repeated intoxication, the damage accumulates and the chronic or “degenerative” disease sets in.

Even the acute disease is an attempt of the body to balance and regulate things – to eliminate viruses, bacteria (fever, sneeze, cough, intense white cell activity, pus, etc.), or toxins (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.). Therefore, the symptoms are not the real problem – we need to see the body as a whole, in order to understand the cause of what is actually happening.

The error of allopathic medicine (in its present state of understanding – even if in many directions it has made great progress in emergency medicine) is that of not making the difference between a man and a machine, continuing to deny or to not trust enough the body’s capacity to regenerate, neglecting the vital force, the healing power, of the human body and interfering brutally and often unwisely “to regulate” things according to certain “scientists” who think like a mechanic that fixes an inanimate machine – instead of supporting the vital processes that keep us alive, that keep us healthy down to the last cell, that actually Heal us.

Herbs have the power to regenerate and maintain health – raw plant-based whole foods have the power to regenerate and to heal severe diseases – Acupuncture (and energy medicine) has enormous power to regenerate and heal – etc.

Why is this not the first topic to address in medicine?
Why is this not on the first place in the education of any future doctor?

The direction towards which Medicine needs to evolve is not that of combining the living with the cybernetic (which may be just another, more sophisticated, “crutch”, replacing a lost limb or organ, but having a totally different vibration, noxious for the human body) – but of understanding and supporting Life, harmonizing with It.

But, of course, this will not happen until Medicine will stop being an atheist, skeptic science – when it will rediscover its Sacred aspect (just as the great doctors considered today as Fathers of Medicine used to teach it, and as it was taught in the Orient) – only when it will look (further and further) beyond matter, to the origin of Life itself.

Then the so-called “miraculous” healings – of cancers or other severe illnesses – will stop being “inexplicable” or “incomprehensible”. And Medicine will be much more Beautiful.

The psycho-somatic aspect has been “officially” recognized in Medicine for a while – it would only be natural to continue with integrating the spiritual aspect. Even if this won’t happen very soon on a large scale, every practitioner of Medicine(and every patient) can choose to integrate which aspects they feel important.

The profound spiritual paths, the mystical ones, are a rich source of inspiration and knowledge (both theoretical and practical) – and combining these with the present knowledge from Medicine will offer a global, holistic (whole) vision, a superior one, and take Medicine from its current deadlock and limitation.

Dr. Adrian Petre, MD, DMD, LAc – founder & director of Universal Healing Arts


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