Limiting the Unlimited

The most difficult thing for the human being is to overcome their own limits – to become universal (once again).

The limits of their own personal circle of friends… of their own family… city or country…

The limits of their own religion or spiritual path – though God is more than universal, humans cannot soar up to Him/Her exactly because of these limitations…

The limits of their own style of practicing medicine… or arts (including the martial ones)… or music… or anything, anything that a man does.

Around each pure idea, man will build walls, between which he will feel safe… will feel he has “insured” the idea, that he grasped it, that it’s his own, and that he won’t ever be troubled by anything, anymore. He will begin to worship shadows, exterior forms that wanted to define something, forgetting about the core, the heart of that “something”, the essence.

And in the false “security” of these mental constructions, man begins to look with coldness, with despise, or even with hatred, at the other one who is not part of the same “pattern” as him. From here wars begin, from here hatred begins between races, between religions, between the various ways of living, of existing.

But the human being is, at its core, in its heart, pure spirit.

And the spirit does not dwell “in houses made by man”, nor in rigid conceptions or limited thinking – its dwelling place is in the world without limits, it animates and gives life everywhere, arranges everything, and is free to “flow wherever it wishes”.

That’s why, as long as limits will not be abandoned, thrown away, as chains, from the human mind, man will not be able to find himself again – and will continue to identify with all sort of models, of patterns, of “laws”, of rigid, preconceived ideas… will continue to be afraid and will not taste the complete happiness, joy, bliss. Nor will his knowledge ever be complete.

He will not taste the naturalness of being, which is beyond any rigid, limited concept – and though is beyond laws, has in itself the root of all “laws”.

Every time the Divine has descended on earth and has spoken to people, He has spoken about love without limits – for the Supreme Being, and for all the other beings (parts of Him).

And love does not harm the other one, neither does it fear them, but supports them – love unites, brings Harmony, brings Healing, brings closer to the Spirit, to the Light. To Life.

For Life is limitless – the source of Life is endless, it does not know death.

Limitations are the ones that are making us die.

Dr. Adrian Petre, MD, DMD, LAc – founder & director of Universal Healing Arts


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