“An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure” – the old adage says.

Unfortunately, neglecting prevention and the importance of lifestyle – and denying natural treatment methods (medicine forgetting its roots, its parents) – the modern cities have very sick people.
In big hospitals, emergency rooms are filled with extremely sick or dying patients and ambulances race to and from them like in a war zone (anyone who`s visited them or who works in them knows this too well).

With all the explosion of pharmacies everywhere, shouldn’t we have healthier people? Empty hospitals?

Not if we stick to the same old model of “sick-care” instead of true “health-care”.

Medicine CAN improve – and HAS TO improve!
But not in the same mechanical, chemical, electronic and cybernetic direction – in the direction of Life, and everything that supports Life and Health!

Be wise – chose Health! Cherish it and take care of it through natural methods that sustain it, through an adequate, natural lifestyle and diet!

And – doctors and Medicine students! Be smart! Grow Health instead of just managing disease – your patients and loved ones will appreciate you all the more for it,
and you`ll be more successful than you think!

(that is, if you measure your success in numbers of lives improved and saved, patients healed and happy – instead of fake fame and fortune…)

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