About the Immune System (1)

There is no place on this Earth where the air, the atmosphere, the environment is sterile.

We live on a planet that is Alive. We dwell in an environment full of Life, in all its countless forms. And humans coexist with the other species on this planet – including the bacteria and viruses.

We need the microorganisms – we couldn’t live without them. Throughout history, we have kept, on an intimate level, memories of the encounter with them – 8% of our human DNA is of viral nature – and in our body they live together (in symbiosis) with us and perform essential functions, such as the coagulation (vitamin K is synthesized by bacteria), digestion (fermentation bacteria in the gut), etc.


During winter-spring and autumn-winter, the environmental factors (cold, humidity, wind) affect/weaken the Defense Energy of our body (named Wei Chi in Chinese Medicine – which controls and sustains the immune system, on a physical level), rendering us more susceptible to disease. There are medical treatises, in medical systems with thousands of years of experience, that explain these aspects in detail.

Therefore, it’s about your weakened immunity – and not about viruses or bacteria becoming powerful when it’s cold outside.

(We could say that, at the North or South Pole, we will not find any bacteria or viruses – it’s well-known that extreme cold kills/freezes any life form – if they are not protected by a warm living organism.)

If we didn’t have an immune system, in a week we’d all be dead from infectious diseases, or we would develop the most aggressive forms of cancers.

Therefore, it’s not the masks and the gloves that will protect you from infections and diseases – but your own defense systems, an entire army, perfectly created by the Divine Being, capable of deflecting any attack. As long as your body is in a good state of health.

Caring for one’s Health and protecting oneself from diseases should therefore be approached only after understanding the principles of Life, in a harmonious, wise manner – and not through an approach that is reductionist, incomplete, unilateral, pseudo-scientific.


We cannot speak about Life without understanding its spiritual dimension as well – for the Source of Life is not in this world that is entirely subject to death.

When the Son of God came in a human body, He wanted to teach the human beings this approach from inside out, from the Heart, from the Spirit – humans who had become rigid and far from the Source of Life, blocked in exterior rituals and dogmas.

Jesus scorned the pharisees in the temple, calling them, “Whited sepulchers, all clear and bare without, but within full of dead men’s bones and all corruption.

Blind pharisee“, said Jesus, “you should clean first the inside of the cup, so that the outside will be clean as well.

We live in a time of medical phariseism.

Forcefully mandated.

Dr. Adrian Petre, MD, DMD, LAc


(to be continued…)


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