The Superior Medicine (2) – Do we have a choice?

I often have people come to my office after having consulted several medical specialists, without getting rid of the health problem they were trying to cure.

To give just a few examples of health problems: migraines, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, lumbago or disk hernia, joint pains, rhinitis or sinusitis, infertility, impotence, anxiety or panic attacks, acnea, digestive problems, and many others, for which the majority of the population “doesn’t know” or “doesn’t believe” that there are other solutions aside from those offered by the allopathic medicine.

And always, after their health improves or they fully heal (in over 95% of cases), they tell me in the end: If I had only known earlier about you (or about Acupuncture, for instance), I would have come much earlier… I wouldn’t have stayed to suffer for so long…”

Why don’t they “know”? – neither the doctors, nor most of the people, be they sick or healthy…

I am here to tell you, after 21 years of practical experience in Medicine, after having formed myself as an MD in General Medicine and as an DMD in Dentistry, as well as in Natural Medicine (Naturopathy) and Oriental Medicine (TCM, etc.) – and have chosen a holistic, integrative approach – 

that Medicine is a vast domain – it’s much more vaste than is being presented at congresses sponsored by Big Pharma, which educates most doctors and lures them with promises of fame and glory, with point/credits, with pens and dinners and various bonuses… while it feeds them carefully only with the information that they’ve approved, in order to continue to promote only their way of thinking (“inform yourself only from official sources!” – does that sound familiar to you?) and only their products…

And in all this time, people are suffering because some of the doctors, just as the pharisees of old, “close the kingdom (of healing) before men”

and even if other ways of healing exist – often much more efficient, some having stood the test of thousands of years! – the servants of Big Pharma (for they no longer serve the noble ideals of Medicine, nor do they have a scientific mind, open and curious to find the Truth), instead of acknowledging their limits and guiding the patient towards medical branches that would have been helpful or life-saving for them, they accuse, condemn and hunt the other branches, old or new, of the Healing Arts, falling from the noble place of serving the Truth, the Divine, from the service of Healing people, thus defiling the Sacredness of Medicine.

Do not get me wrong – I am not against allopathic medicine! It is as necessary as can be and most excellent as emergency medicine, and in this field it has made fantastic progresses! – however, not all health problems can be approached from this angle, only in their last phase.

For instance, chronic diseases, which have formed in time, from repeated errors of nutrition and lifestyle, require different adjustments, different methods and medication. This is why we have different keys for different locks – and when they don’t fit properly, we are dealing with “side effects”, “adverse effects”, which have become universally accepted – moreover, imposed! – as something unavoidable, fundamental to medicine and medications.

And we call this medicine as “modern”, “evolved”, “superior”, “scientific”?

The truth is, until this manner of understanding will not be changed, Medicine will not make real progresses – that is, until it will integrate all methods that truly Heal, and until it will improve or eliminate all methods that cause harm in the attempt to cure (the principle “primum non nocere” – “first do no harm” – is and always be crucial, the cornerstone of the true Medicine!)

Until then, do we have a choice? Of course we do! Our Health is our own responsibility – and we are only limited by our own beliefs.

“When the disciple is ready, the master appears”, it is said. In the same way, when the patient is ready (i.e., open), God willing, the best healing methods will be offered to them.

Dr. Adrian Petre, MD, DMD, LAc


(to be continued…)





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